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This website is currently under development. Any questions or comments can be sent by email to

DAACS is a suite of open source, online assessments and supports (both technological and social) designed to optimize student learning (see DAACS has five main components (Figure 1): (1) diagnostic assessments that permit valid and reliable inferences of students’ readiness for college in terms of self-regulated learning, reading, writing, and mathematics; (2) performance feedback with recommended strategies and links to open educational resources, (3) nudges that prompt students to engage in self-directed preparation for college-level academic work; (4) trained academic advisors who help students build on strengths while addressing areas of weakness identified by the assessments; and (5) predictive models that identify students at risk, as well as specific risk factors. Detailed descriptions of each component are provided after the following summary of initial research results.

DAACS is not a placement exam! The D in DAACS stands for diagnostic. It was designed to provide feedback to students and institutions and provide the resources for students to become more successful learners.

Students receive instructions and feedback in a variety of formats including text, images, and videos. This is the introductory video presented to students when they first encounter DAACS.

We have created custom videos to introduce students to DAACS. See the video created for the University at Albany on the UAlbany Advisor page, for example.