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Getting Started

The site has a feature for instructors to use DAACS within their classes. With an instructor account you can create classes, invite students to your class, and view their results (once the student has accepted the invitation).

Instructor accounts cannot complete assessments so you may want to create two separate accounts, one as a student and one as an instructor.

To get started, click the CREATE ACCOUNT link in the upper right corner and fill in the dialog box. Be sure to select “Instructor” for the role.

New DAACS Account

With an instructor account you will have a CLASSES link available. You can create a new class from this page. When creating a class give it a name and select the assessments you wish to use.

New Class

Next, invite students to your class. After entering each email address click enter.

Invite Students

You can view the status of your classes and resend invitations as shown below.

Class List