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UMGC PACE Instructors

The content on this page is specifically for PACE instructors at the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC).
Additional Resources
Additional relevant resources are available in the advisor section here: advisors/umgc/

Frequently Asked Questions

In the sections assigned to the DAACS treatment group, the assignment for Week 2, “Learning how to Learn,” will require students to use DAACS by completing the assessments, reviewing the results and feedback, and discussing their results with their peers in the course. If, in contrast, the Week 2 assignment is the familiar assignment, your section was randomly assigned to the control group, which we call “business as usual.”

Students will receive credit for the Week 2 assignment by completing two tasks:

  1. After using DAACS at, they upload their DAACS summary reports to your course.
  2. They then participate in a discussion of their own and their peers’ reflections on the DAACS feedback. See the Week 2 assignment in your course for details.

Your students can download their summary report from the results page of any of the assessments. The screenshot below shows where it is located.

If students upload their summary reports, they completed the DAACS assessments. We ask that you email students who have not yet done the assignment, as you normally would, using text we will provide. [Martina Hanson] will also send one separate nudge to all students as a reminder.
The summary reports uploaded by students will give you an overview. You can access detailed results and feedback by registering as an instructor at the UMGC DAACS website:
Visit us at for more information about DAACS. You can also send us an email at